Young People

Breakfast Club

Opening Times

Our Breakfast Club opens at 7am every morning. The staff will then escort the children to school by 8.45am. Infants are assisted into their classroom by members of staff; the juniors are overseen entering the school building.


The children have a variety of foods available for them to choose from, this including Cereal, Toast, Muffins, Croissants, Fruits, Scrambled Egg, Yoghurts etc.


Board games, colouring in, imaginative play, book reading area, movie area, homework area, creative play and many more.

Every morning staff will change the setup of the play areas and vary the equipment that comes out.

After School Club

School Pick Up

Staff arrive on the school premises at 3.05pm ready to collect the children at 3.10pm when school finishes. Infants are collected from their classroom and juniors make their way to the pick-up point where staff will be waiting for them.

School Clubs

If your child attends an after school club at the school and still needs collecting by us, we regularly pick up children from their clubs at 4.20pm and escort them back to the Community Centre. All we ask is that you inform us on what day and club your child will be attending.

Tuck Time

Once children have been collected and escorted to the Centre they all sit down together for tuck time. The menu changes on a daily basis.


We have a varied range of activities both inside and outside on a day-to-day basis. Throughout the week staff provide a number of laid back educational games, offer a variety of physical activities/sports games, have an arts and crafts specialist on a Wednesday afternoon. We often bake with the children and provide many more activities that encourage children to socialise with others around them.

Youth Club

Opening Times

Thursday – 6.30pm-8.30pm, Friday – 6.30pm-9.00pm

Our Youth Drop In is open twice a week to young people aged 11-19.

At our Youth Drop In we have a variety of young people attending, all different ages and backgrounds. ALL young people must complete a registration form before they are able to attend our sessions.

Young people who are still in year 6 are NOT allowed to leave the premises once they are signed in. Young people in year 7 and above are given the responsibility and trust to leave the premises and behave in an orderly manner.

Full Day Care

Opening Times

During all half terms we provide a full day care service from 7am until 6pm. The children are provided with breakfast and an evening meal however they do need to bring a packed lunch with them as they go out on trips most days.


Activities range from visiting the best museums and parks, cinema trips and many more exciting day trips which all include using public transport; this is a great experience for the children as they also gain greater knowledge of using public transport around London.

Days Out

We take the children on various adventures around the whole of South East London, whilst planning these day trips a risk assessment will be completed and taken with the staff members.


Every year for over 25 years we’ve taken a group of children – sometimes two groups - to the Ashdown Forest in East Sussex. We all sleep in tents in the forest in a wonderful site owned by The Scouts. As you can see from the photographs the children engage in a wide range of activities and have an experience that they may never have had before.

This experience leaves an indelible positive mark on their lives. How do we know this? Because nearly every worker at camp was once one of the children who had the experience!